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Our personnel:

  • The employees are being the main asset of our Company.
  • The Company’s development and prosperity is in direct relations with the well-being and development of each employee working for the Company.

Our principles:

  • Each person in our Company brings their professional activity into correlation with the general principles of activity of the organization.
  • All of us work towards increasing industrial efficiency, the growth of labour productivity and the finished products’ quality, as well as the improvement of mutual relations at all levels: individuals, divisions, the Company in general.
  • Everyone holds responsibility for his/her own work, as well as for the Company’s work results.
  • All of us work with full feedback.
  • Everything that is happening in our Company is not the business of separate individuals, this is our common business.
  • No matter what we are working at, we always remember, that our main object is to satisfy our Clients, both external, and internal.
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