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LLC “Cherkasky Zavod ZBV”

LLC “Cherkasky Zavod ZBV” became a part of Myronivsky Hliboproduct in 2006. The plant’s main specialization is the manufacture of prefabricated concrete components which are used in agriculture. The components are used for new Myronivsky Hliboproduct project construction.

The total area of the farm is about 8,7 hectares. The plant’s capacities allow manufacturing of about 4600 ě 3 of concrete, 1900 frames of rectangular intersection, 960 three-layered panels and 1000 foundations per month.

There are about 300 employees working at the “Cherkasky Zavod ZBV”.

Mr. A. I. Korpusov

18018, Cherkasy,
169 Gromova St.  
Tel.: +380 472 64-47-66, 64-52-00

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