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“Myronivsky Plant for Manufacturing of Feeds and Cereals” OJSC

Open Joint-Stock Company Myronivsky plant for the manufacturing of feeds and cereals (MFC), is a special enterprise for the company for several reasons. Firstly, this enterprise was the very first to be a part of Myronivsky Hliboproduct. Secondly, it is thanks to this plant that the company got its name. Thirdly, this is the only farm in the group of enterprises having a century-old history: in 1903 in Vladyslavka village nearby Myronivka the feeds factory was set in operation and was to be the basis of a big enterprise after reconstruction and modernization.

OJSC Myronivsky plant was a part of Myronivsky Hliboproduct in 1998 and made the company one of the leading native grain trade enterprises of Ukraine in 1999—2000. In June 2002 full reconstruction of the feeds plant was completed and modern industrial facilities were introduced; in particular Swiss line BUHLER AG for feeds manufacturing as well as a line for soy processing with capacities that allow processing up to 30000 tonnes of a soy annually.

A major landmark in the history of both the factory and the company was 2004. Thanks to the launch of a protein factory in the MFC territory and the usage of their own plant protein for feeds manufacture the cost of feeds was considerably reduced. The protein factory enabled the processing of up to 600 tonnes of sunflower per shift for special cake and oil extraction.

Another great influence on feeds cost reduction was the addition of a boiler-house which has become an alternative energy source and allowed them to save gas. Thanks to the usage of energy from burning a peel of sunflower the enterprise produces water vapor (up to 26 tonnes per hour) and electricity (2.55 megawatt per hour).

Due to the implementation of an industrial line from the Danish manufacturer "SPROUT MATADOR", which has a capacity of 220 thousand tons, a second train of the feeds factory was set in operation in June, 2004. As a result, the capacity of the factory has been increased two-fold—up to 440 thousand tonnes of feeds per year.

Today, Myronivsky MFC is a versatile industrial complex which includes a feeds factory, protein factory, three grain elevators and a groats factory. Feeds manufacture is the main direction of activity of the farm. The feeds are intended to satisfy the needs of the poultry farms of the group. Myronivsky MFC owns 3 separate elevators: for olive plants (18600 m?), for feeds manufacture (96000 m?) and for groat plants (12600 m?). Up to 95 thousand tonnes of grain can be stored at the farm concurrently.

Currently there are more than 800 employees working at the farm.

Mr. O. V. Zhukotansky
Chairman of the Board

08800, Kyiv oblast, Myronivsky region,
Myronivka town, Elevatorna st., 1
+380 4474 5-16-67, +380 4474 5-14-57

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