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Protein factory — is the part of OJSC Myronivskiy MFC

Protein factory was set in operation in 2004, thanks to it MHP started using own plant protein for feeds manufacture as a result, the cost price of feeds has been considerably decreased.

We process sunflower seeds into the following products:

Sunflower oil — for sale
Sunflower husk — for sale
Sunflower cake — used for our own feeds production

Quality of the products:

Sunflower oil pressed

Moisture & impurities: max. 0,5%
FFA: basis 2% max. 3%
Flash point: min. 225 C°
Free from radioactivity, but max 600 bq/kg of Cesium 134 and 137

Sunflower husk pelleted

Moisture: max. 10%
Ash content: max. 3%
Sulfur content: max. 0,03%
Bulk density: min. 0,5 kg/m?
Calorific value: 18,5 MJ/kg or 4439 Kkal/kg

We sell our products on both domestic and international markets!

08800, Kyiv oblast, Myronivsky region,
Myronivka town, Elevatorna st., 1
+380 4474 5-16-67, +380 4474 5-14-57

Źīķņąźņū äė˙ ļīźóļąņåėåé
Guyvan Oleksiy, trade manager
Tel.: (044) 207-00-10
Fax: (044) 207-00-11

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