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Ptahofabryka “Snyatynska Nova” CJSC

Closed Joint-Stock Company Ptahofabryka Snyatynska Nova is a unique farm in Ukraine, specializing in goose meat and delicacy goose liver manufacturing. A portion of the farm’s production is sold under the trade mark “Foie Gras”.

Myronivsky Hliboproduct began its colloboration with Snyatynska poultry farm in April, 2002. After complete modernization the farm changed its name partly and, in the beginning of 2006, was completely purchased by Myronivsky Hliboproduct.

There is a parental livestock breeding and cultivation zone, hatchery, 38 poultry yards and meat processing workshops at the farm. Today there are about 13000 geese of a parental livestock at the farm. For the 9 months period about 329 tonnes of goose meat and 31.5 tonnes of goose liver have been manufactured.

French technology is used for goose liver manufacturing at the enterprise. For this purpose Babolna grey Landes, a special breed of geese imported from Hungary, is being raised at the farm. This breed combines high egg-laying and fattening capabilities with an opportunity to get a liver of up to 650 grams in weight.

Currently there are 775 employees working at the farm.

Mr. E. M. Petrychka

78300, Ivano-Frankivska oblast, Snyatynsky region,
Snyatyn town, 34 Shiroka st.,
Tåė.: +380 3476 2-44-20, +380 3476 2-12-24

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