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Zernoproduct LLC

Limited Liability Company Zernoproduct is an enterprise specializing in grain crop growing.

The farm was established in 2005. At first it consisted of 4 subsidiaries: Gaysynsky, Nemyrivsky, Michuryn and Khmelnetsky with a total area of about 12 thousand hectares. Later three more subsidiaries were established: Bershadsky, Tulchynsky and Chernovytzky, each of which cultivates about 8 thousand hectares.

Today the total area cultivated by Zernoproduct is about 35 thousand hectares. In 2005, the gross grain harvest was 49 thousand tonnes.

Grain capacity, with the weight taken after over patching, was 54 centners/hectare and corn was 77.8 centners/hectare.

Currently there are about 2000 employees working at the farm.

In 2006 the farm projects a grain harvest of over 110 thousand tonnes, compared to 49 thousand tonnes the previous year, and also 15 thousand tonnes of soybeans, 12 thousand tonnes of sunflower and about 8 thousand tonnes of rape. In the future cattle fattening with complete further processing will be the main specialization of LLC Zernoproduct.

Mr. M. I. Kucher

08800, Kyiv oblast,
Myronivka town, 1 Elevatorna St.
Tel./fax: +380 44 495-21-19, +380 44 454-33-19

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