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Certified Angus

Certified Angus†TM is†the trade mark representing a†delicacy beef on†the market which is†made exclusively from a†special Aberdeen-Angus breed of†bulls.

Due to†characteristics of†its flavour and special techniques used in†breeding, the meat is†notable for its unique mellowness, softness and exceptional taste. Gourmets all over the world esteem Angus meat as†the highest standard of†meat for steaks.

Certified Angus “Ő†appeared in†the Ukrainian market on†August†2nd, 2004, and offers its consumers 11†products, in†particular different kinds of†steaks, roast beef, and meat for baking and stewing. The beef is†sold cooled in†a†special vacuum pack.

Certified Angus products are being manufactured by†ALLC Druzhba Narodiv, the largest agro-industrial enterprise in†Ukraine, while the bulls are bred by†LLC†Agrofirm Kyivska. Today these enterprises are the only farms in†Ukraine specializing in†this kind of†bull breeding (Aberdeen Angus) and product manufacturing.

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