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Nasha Ryaba

Nasha Ryaba ÒÌ is a well known brand of cooled chicken meat production that appeared in the market in February, 2002. Having done extensive research, the company team found and developed a segment of the food market previously untapped at that time—fresh cooled chicken meat.

Due to a successful marketing strategy, production under the Nasha Ryaba trade mark got a significant part of this segment of the market at once. Due to the high quality of the product, from the moment of its creation the trade mark has been holding leading positions in the market. We estimate that it controlled about 44% of the Ukrainian market in industrial chicken meat production up to the beginning of 2005. Its share on the market is still increasing.

The products under Nasha Ryaba ÒÌ are produced by three enterprises of the company, in particular: SE Ptahofabryka Peremoga Nova (Cherkasy oblast); CJSC Druzhba Narodiv Nova (ÀR Crimea); and CJSC with FI Oril—Leader (Dnipropetrovsk oblast).

The company expects Myronivska Ptahofabryka (broiler poultry farm, Cherkasy oblast) to start manufacturing cooled chicken meat in 2007.

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