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Investor relations

About MHP S.A.

MHP is the leading chicken production company in Ukraine, accounting for over 44% of chicken meat commercially produced in Ukraine in 2005. Its chicken production facilities include three principal chicken farms with an aggregate annual production volume of approximately 139,400 tonnes of processed weight and an aggregate processing capacity of 1.38 million chickens per week.

Strategy and Objectives

MHP’s overall objective is to become the leading agroindustrial company in Ukraine while strengthening its position as the leading Ukrainian poultry production company. Key elements of its strategy include:  Expanding Chicken Meat Production Capacity, Increasing Vertical Integration, Diversification of Business.

Corporate Governance

The company is in full compliance with Luxembourg’s corporate governance regime.

Directors and management

Meet the Board of Directors and their biographies.

E-mail Alerts

The ability for investors to choose to receive communications electronically. Once investors are registered, they are sent an e-mail alert each time a new document is made available. The alert will be sent on the day that documents are posted to other investors. They can also request a printed copy of any investor communication, or revoke their registration, at any time.

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