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July†17, 2007, Tuesday
Ukraine produced less flour in this season
July†13, 2007, Friday
Ukrainian agrarians demanded that the government regulate the situation on the meat market
July†11, 2007, Wednesday
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine increased the volumes of the State Reserve Seed Fund
July†9, 2007, Monday
Ukraine made a record in sun-flower oil export
July†5, 2007, Thursday
The order of provision seeds to agricultural enterprises that suffered from the drought has been approved
July†4, 2007, Wednesday
Ukraine has a chance to become one of five leading countries-producers of rape in the world
June†21, 2007, Thursday
Starting on July 1 the Government again introduces restrictions on the export of crops
June†20, 2007, Wednesday
The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine defined floor prices for animal origin products for 2008
June†14, 2007, Thursday
Experts predict the decrease of soy-beans world production volumes
June†8, 2007, Friday
Around 1,5 million tonnes of sugar will be produced in Ukraine during the new season
May†28, 2007, Monday
Prices for sun-flower seeds increase
May†22, 2007, Tuesday
Meat production in Ukraine increased
May†16, 2007, Wednesday
Ukrainian Government called off quotas of wheat export
April†17, 2007, Tuesday
Ukraine started to produce more agricultural technical equipment
April†13, 2007, Friday
In the first quarter of 2007 the production volumes of the agricultural production increased by 5%
April†12, 2007, Thursday
Ukraine and China signed the agreement on cooperation in agricultural sphere
April†6, 2007, Friday
Export growth rates of Ukrainian sun-flower seeds increase
April†5, 2007, Thursday
Prices for sun-flower extraction cake are increasing

The tendency of†sun-flower extraction cake prices increase on†the Ukrainian market continues.

March†20, 2007, Tuesday
The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine forecasts 10% growth of meat production this year in Ukraine

The Ministry of†Agrarian Policy of†Ukraine anticipates the 10% increase of†meat production volumes comparing to†the previous year, i.e. for 250†million tonnes of†live weight; that is†for 7% more than in†2005.

March†19, 2007, Monday
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to call off the minimum prices for sugar before the new season starts

The Cabinet of†Ministers of†Ukraine plans to†annul price limitations for sugar selling in†the nearest future.

March†14, 2007, Wednesday
Cattle livestock decreased for 5,8% in Ukraine

According to†the information from the State Statistics Committee of†Ukraine, as†of†March†1, 2007†cattle livestock in†Ukraine amounted up†to†6395†thousand in†all categories of†the farms, which comprises†94,2% of†the previous year indicator.

February†5, 2007, Monday
The prices on Ukrainian sunflower seeds continue to grow
February†2, 2007, Friday
The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine forecasts 6,8% agricultural production growth in the first half-year of 2007
January†30, 2007, Tuesday
Ukraine needs no imported chicken this year
January†12, 2007, Friday
This year Brazil to face wheat shortage
January†11, 2007, Thursday
Meat and milk from Belarus to Russia to supply by certified companies only
January†10, 2007, Wednesday
Ukraine to license imported lard, poultry meat and meat subproducts
January†9, 2007, Tuesday
Ministry of Agricultural policy counts on increase in grain harvest up to 50 mln. tonnes by 2015
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